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Eau de vie


The Calvados Liqueur Félicité

Inspired by an old local recipe called 44, this liqueur is the result of a massaging of young Calvados with oranges, sugar and coffee beans.

To discover for its sweetness in the mouth.

Eau de Vie  Félicité

White Eau de Vie from Cider

To discover in moderation

Apples juice


Apple Juice Félicité

Pasteurized right out of the press, this pure juice is alcohol-free and processed from a single variety of tart apples called “petit jaune”.

Fresh and refreshing to consume without moderation.

The cider jam


The Félicité Cider Jam

Cider confit is made from ciders and sugars.

Ideal for breakfast, cooking, a gourmet treat.

The vinegar


Cider Vinegar FELICITY

Ideal for cooking

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