Ferme de Félicité - Hameau de Marigny - 2 bis, Route du Chaos - 14400 Longues sur mer 02 31 21 75 31 - 06 67 52 39 96 info@ferme-felicite.fr

Welcome to Ferme de Félicité

The Félicité farm is located in Normandy, in Bessin (Bayeux) in the heart of the landing beaches (Arromanches, DDay, American cemetery) Longues sur mer, near the German battery.

Producers harvesting, Claire and Sebastien Aumond invite you to taste their traditional products.

AOC Calvados, Pommeau de Normandie, Calvados Liqueur, Ciders, apple juice, jams and vinegar.

Who are you ?

The “Ferme de Félicité” is a farm of about 93ha with 2 activities:

  • the cereals
  • the production of cider apples with processing and sale on the farm.

Our traditional ciders


Our ciders are made with traditional methods, especially with bottled foam and they are not pasteurized

Our Calvados AOC Félicité


We propose to you 3 Calvados AOC

3 years of age

The Old Reserve

Calvados 10 years old

The  Liqueur of Calvados


Inspired by an old local recipe called 44, this liqueur is the result of a massaging of young Calvados with oranges, sugar and coffee beans.

The  Pommeau of Normandy


A regional appetizer par excellence, Pommeau is a blend of apples and Calvados musts.

Apple Juice


Pasteurized right out of the press, this pure juice is alcohol-free and processed from a single variety of tart apples called “petit jaune”.

Jam and Vinegar


Cider confit is made from ciders and sugars.

Cider vinegar ideal for cooking

The activities of the Félicité Farm according to the seasons

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