Our Calvados AOC Félicité

3 years of age

Fruity and delicate, it will accompany your Norman or digestive holes. This “young” Calvados is ideal for cocktails and dishes.

The Old Reserve

6 years old

More complex and tannic aroma. It will accompany your meal, a true digestive all in curves

​Calvados 10 years old

A high-end digestive

70 cl to 42 °

Calvados 12 years old

The “must” of the Félicité Farm

70 cl to 42 °

The Pommeau of Normandy


The “Pommeau of Normandy Félicité”

A regional appetizer par excellence, Pommeau is a blend of apples and Calvados musts.

The AOC Pommeau de Normandie makes it have to spend a minimum of 14 months in oak barrels.

Our Pommeau has spent 2 years in barrel which allows to obtain more balanced flavors.

Traditionally, in the west of France, the most fruity apple juice with cider (or musts) was mixed with cider brandy to keep their flavors throughout the year.

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