Who are we ?


About us

Felicity farm also producing cereals and apple cider on a surface total of 93ha.

Processing and sale takes place directly on the farm.

Our tree is composed of two types of apple trees.


fleurs de pommiers ferme félicité

Bass Rods Apple over 8 hectares.

In the more modern orchard specializing exclusively devoted to fruit production (orchard lower stem). Maintaining the grass is no longer done with the animal, but mechanically the grass is regularly ground to form a lawn which dampens the fall apples. A higher density of planting 1,000 trees per hectare average yield for  35 tons of apple cider.


pommiers basses tiges ferme félicité longues sur mer

pommiers traditionnels ferme félicité longues sur mer

Apple High Stem old landrace 4 hectares.

the traditional form of pre-planted corresponding to Normandy landscape par excellence where cows graze under the apple trees tall stalks. A maximum density of planting 250 trees per hectare average yield for a maximum of 25 tons of apple cider.


We collect about 140 tons of apples per year, which we produce:

– 30,000 bottles of cider sweet, semi dry and “brut”.

– 3,000 bottles of Calvados AOC

– 4000 bottles of Pommeau de Normandy

– 1,000 bottles of liquors

– 6000 liters of apple juice.